New Project Notes Tool

We’ve got some exciting new updates to the notes tool within projects.

Firstly, when you’re editing a note you no longer need to save. Anything you type will be automatically saved as you type.

In a new note, start with a title. Then hit enter to go to the body of the note.

The first big new feature is our slash commands menu. Type slash and you’ll see a whole range of options including formatting, inserting, linking and embedding. Some of the new and most useful features include:

Task list – This will add a round checkbox next to each line so you can create a lit of to-do’s and check each item off as it’s done.

Toggle list – This will add a toggle to the side of each line. Type next to the toggle and then click on it and you’ll see a new section open up. This is a hidden section of content. So you can type a title next to the toggle and then include any relevant content inside. This is great for structuring content within your note.

Images & files – can now be dragged and dropped into the note. Any images will be placed in the document and files will be displayed along with their name and an icon to represent their file type. Any uploads will also be added to the files page of the project but as the notes page can’t be seen by collaborators any files that are added to the note will be hidden from collaborators in the files page.

Embeds – You can embed anything into the note. Hit the embed option in the slash command and enter a URL. We can embed most content and display it within the note. So you can now add videos, maps, websites and other tools you use such as google sheets or Miro boards.

There are a lot of other tools in the slash command menu so have a play around and see what you can do.

We have a lot more planned for the notes tool and I hope you’ll agree that these features are an exciting start.

As always we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions so please let us know what you think.

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