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Every project brings your team and your clients’ team together to chat, share files, manage tasks, take notes, take payments and get work done. Keep everyone on the same page at all times!
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We needed a simple but powerful project management tool for our agency, Wyzowl.

Email was becoming messy, things were getting lost and we couldn’t find a tool that made it simple for our clients to chat and share files on a project-by-project basis, while having powerful project management capabilities for our internal team.

Eventually, we got sick of searching. So we built the tool we needed from scratch.

These days, 1,500+ companies use to organise their projects and make their businesses more productive.

Matt Byrom – Founder of Wyzowl &
Takes 45 seconds | No credit card required

Never miss another deadline

Never lose another message or file

Never struggle to take a payment

Never overwhelm clients with complex tools
The problem

Everyone manages their work, their way

Today’s projects often involve teams of very different people, each with their own inboxes, spreadsheets and notepads. Information gets lost, messages are missed, communication goes down the toilet. It’s a disaster for efficiency and productivity. Nobody knows who’s working on what, clients are forced to repeat information, work is duplicated, deadlines are missed, pointless meetings ensue. It sucks!

The solution

Manage everything in one place

We built to bring teams together. Not just your team – but your clients’ team, too. Every project comes with a set of tools to connect your team with your clients’ team. In one centrally accessible place, you can communicate, share files, manage tasks, take payments and record time. It’s powerful for you and simple for your clients to use without any guidance. With one single source of truth, nothing is ever missed – and everybody is happier!

Every project has a Discussion page which lets you communicate with everyone who’s involved.

A dated timeline keeps track of every comment, so you always know who said what, and when.

An email notification is sent out each time a new comment is added, so nobody ever misses a message.

You can also share files and embed videos to push your collaboration forward.

Tasks are at the heart of a account.

Each task can be assigned to a person, with an associated date, making sure the deliverables that make up your project are always actioned at the right time by the right people.

A range of different task views – list, calendar, scheduler and kanban – let you manage and review tasks in your own way, so you never miss a beat!

With, you can quickly request payments from your clients, and give them the power to pay securely, online, by card.

This keeps projects moving forward, reducing the need to put projects on hold – and helping you get paid quicker!

Payments are requested and made on a per project basis, which keeps everything simple for everyone involved.

The Notes section is a simple place to keep track of all important project information.

Notes are private – they’re hidden from your clients so they can’t see anything you’ve written.

This makes the Notes section a great place to reference the key information that will help your internal team manage each project as effectively as possible.

Notes is a client-facing project management software – meaning it’s been specifically built to bring your team together with your clients’ teams.

You can invite different companies and people to each project as required.

And, once they’re in place, each project becomes a place for your team and your clients’ teams to chat, collaborate and work together!

People lets you upload and share files for review with people on your projects.

Files can be uploaded to the discussion feed with a message, or associated with a task.

This simple feature is designed to make it easy to collaborate and review work within your teams.

Every internal member of your team can record the hours they spend on each project they work on.

The time report lets you drill down into where time has been spent per project.

This helps you see which clients, projects and people are most (and least) profitable from a time perspective.

Think outside of the (in)box
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“We built to help us manage our agency clients. It’s been the core reason we’ve become one of the world’s leading animated video agencies!

Matt Byrom – Managing Director – Wyzowl
Market leading
Videos created
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Supercharge your efficiency

When people use an online tool to manage their projects, they’re twice as likely to rate their levels of efficiency, communication and organisation as ‘excellent.’ Communication Statistics 2020

Break projects up into deliverables, and assign these tasks to members of your team with due dates.

Make sure everyone knows what needs to be delivered and when, so your teams can prioritise work and hit their deadlines, every time!

Discussion doesn’t just help you improve efficiency, communication and visibility to get work done quicker.

Once the work is done, you can also use our simple payment integrations to quickly and securely request card payments and generate invoices. Get the work done > get paid. The way it should be!

Modern projects involve many moving parts. lets you keep all these parts in one place, dramatically increasing efficiency.

Reduce duplication of effort, remove information silos, and make sure projects are played out inside one centrally accessible portal – visible to everybody who needs to be involved.

With, everyone can finally sing from the same hymn sheet.

Create one single source of truth for your team, and empower them to work towards a shared outcome with improved communication and increased transparency.

Build a greater sense of clarity and direction around project status and progress.

A project management system can’t just work for you. It needs to be the heartbeat of your customer experience, too.

We’ve built to make sure your customers will love it just as much as you do, combining powerful management tools for you, with simplicity and ease-of-use for them.


What our customers say

“ is one of the simplest project management solutions in the market.”

Mohammed A
“If you need to share data with clients, this is a MUST-HAVE tool!. In one day it has become my first choice is how to communicate with clients on ongoing projects… I can now lose the 20-threaded emails & multiple attachments and keep everything neatly located within each project. IMHO this is much easier to teach a client to use than Trello or other tools.”

“Best software ever! I was searching for something like this and I finally find it now! This will do wonders for our team.”

“Great bit of software. Love the simplicity and usability it provides. I’ve used Basecamp for years but wanted something more sustainable for the future.”

“ is the perfect project management and client communication tool for my small agency!”

Bob G
“The organisational structure of our business is far and away improved over me just using an excel spreadsheet that often resulted in me losing work.”

Nathan Fryer – Planworks
“There is a no nonsense approach to this product, it is simplistic and intuitive. I have a habit of never reading manuals or watching webinars. Not required with this product. If you need a simple depository and task manager for your projects…. this is it. This elevates the level of transparency in your business by allowing clients to engage fully with their projects.”

“Simplest project management software out there”

Gabriel N
“I was using Asana and looking for a platform that made life a little ‘simpler’and everything a lot more organized. I like for how everything is so simple to use and understand. We have just recently started using it, but I’m looking forward to an increase in productivity levels of our full team.”

“The biggest result for us is that our team is actually using it. We’ve used a lot of other tools but with our team is using it and all of it’s capabilities without training. And we have people on our team from age 26 to 65 on our team and everyone could do that without any planning or training.”

Andrew Bittner – Guaranteed Clean Energy
“Compelling to use and a great balance of features while not being too overwhelming”

Blaine B
“Its given us the ability to work across multiple sites which we struggled with before We can see instantly which tasks are outstanding and what needs to be done.”

David Poole – WL Accountants
“ is awesome. Its got everything you need, super simple to set up and the UI Rocks! The support has been great right out of the gate as well!”

“I love the tool. Is the simplest project management for clients. It just works. “


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