Project Management Software for Service Businesses

Every project brings your team and your client’s team together. Chat, share files, collaborate, manage tasks & take payments. If you work with clients, you’ll do it better with!


Hit your deadlines

Manage tasks in multiple views so you always know who’s doing what and when. Reallocate and organise tasks to manage capacity within your team.

Increase satisfaction

Your clients can chat, feedback and see tasks on each project. This gives clients full visibility so they’re always up to date – improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Single source of truth

Every comment, file, link and task is recorded on each project. This gives everyone visibility into what’s been agreed and when it will be delivered.

Chat & share files

Communicate with all project stakeholders. A comment newsfeed keeps track of every comment so you always know what’s been said and when. An email notification will be sent with each comment so you’ll never miss a thing. Share files and embed videos to push your collaboration forward.

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Manage tasks

Tasks are at the heart of a workspace. Tasks can be tracked on a project by project basis or you can view all tasks at once. Tasks can be viewed in 4 ways: list, calendar, scheduler and kanban. Each view gives you a different way to manage and use tasks so you never miss a beat!

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Keep everyone on the same page

Every comment, file, task & payment is recorded for everyone to see on each project. This means you no longer have to ask someone where a project is up to or what’s been agreed. Go to the project and you’ll see all the information instantly.



Task List




Invite anyone is a client-facing project management software. This means it’s been made specifically to bring your team together with your clients’ teams. Invite different companies and people to each project as required. Each project is a place for your team and your clients’ team to chat, collaborate and work in.

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Take payments

Request payments from your clients and let them pay you online. This keeps projects moving, reduces the need to put projects on hold and means you get paid quicker. Payments are requested and made on a per project basis which keeps everything simple for everyone involved.

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Track time

Every internal member of your team can record the hours they spend on each project they work on. The time report lets you drill down into where time has been spent on a per project basis. This helps you see which clients, projects and people are most profitable and least profitable from a time perspective.

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Take notes

The Notes section is a simple place to keep track of all important project information. Notes are private – they’re hidden from your clients so they can’t see anything you’ve written. This makes notes a place for you to reference information that will help your team manage the project more effectively.

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