Everything you need to manage your work.

Make every piece of work a project


Create a project for every piece of work you do.

Unlimited data retention

Access your project data forever so you can see what happened on past projects.

Project tools

Add the tools you need to get each piece of work done.

Custom fields

Add custom fields to capture the data that matters to you.

Embed 3rd party tools

Embed 3rd party tools so you can access everything from one place.

All project views

From list to kanban and everything in-between. We got the views.

Keep track of everything with tasks

Assign people

Assign people to tasks so it’s clear who’s responsible.


Create sub-tasks with unlimited levels.


Chat with your team within every task.

Multiple date types

Add a single date, spread it over multiple days or make it recurring. 

Complete visibility of all work

See your full team’s work in list, calendar, scheduler, kanban views.

Task privacy

Decide who can see each task with privacy settings.

Attach files

Add files to tasks so they can be found where you need them most.

Custom fields

Create custom fields to track the data that’s important to you.

Bulk add tasks

Add up to 100 tasks at the same time or use our CSV import tool to add even more.

Invite & collaborate with everyone

Invite your team (Creators)

Invite your team, freelancers and everyone else you work with.

A simple login

Everyone gets their own login so they can see the data you give them access to.

Invite clients (Collaborators)

Invite your clients so you can all collaborate in one place.

Set roles & permissions

Give every person a role to define their permissions.

Keep all files in one place


Add folders to organise your files within each project.

Never lose a file again

Find every file organised into folders within each project. 

File storage

Upload your files to each project & also access all files globally.

In-app file preview

Files open in a popup preview for easy viewing.

Connect cloud storage

Link Dropbox & Google Drive to make sharing your files easy. 

Take payments as projects progress

Take one-time payments

Request payments from your clients as projects progress.

Keep track of money owed

See all paid and unpaid payments. Filter, sort & group by anything.

Connect Stripe & PayPal

Connect your payment processors & get paid directly into your accounts.

Speed up projects

Taking payments on projects means you don’t have to wait for bank transfer processing.

Track time along the way

Allocate time

Allocate time to projects, tasks, people & groups.

Filter & analyse time

Filter allocated and actual time to understand what’s happening.

Record actual time

Record the actual time you and your team spend.

Add custom fields

Use custom fields to track more data alongside your time.

Time on tasks

Track allocated and actual time directly on tasks.

Create charts

See charts based on your allocated and actual time data.

Integrate with your other tools


Share files directly from your Dropbox account.


Accept payments directly into your Stripe account.

3rd Party embeds

Embed any other tools you use so everything can be found in one place.

Google Calendar

Sync tasks you’re an assignee on to your Google Calendar.


Accept payments directly into your PayPal account.

Google Drive

Share files directly from your Google Drive account.


Connect Project.co with over 6,000+ other tools using Zapier.

Do more with less effort

Global search

Find everything quickly with global search.

Reply by email

Reply to any discussion comment by email & your message will be posted into the discussion timeline.


Get notifications in-app and by email when anything changes.

Use in your language

Languages include English, French, Spanish, Italian & German.

Starred pages

Save the pages you access regularly so you can get to them quickly with starred pages.

Work anywhere with our apps

Web app

Use your account from any web browser.

Windows desktop app

Download and install our Windows desktop app.

iOS app

Download and install our iOS app from the Apple App Store.

Mac desktop app

Download and install our Mac desktop app.

Android app

Download and install our Android app from the Google Play store.

Go Pro
$10 per user seat per month or $99 per year.

Unlimited projects

Create and manage an unlimited number of projects.

Unlimited collaborators

Invite an unlimited number of clients to your account.

Pay per Creator seat

Invite an unlimited number of team members and just pay per seat.

50GB file storage/user

Storage is increased per user seat but is used by the account as a whole.

Custom branding

Replace the Project.co logo & brand colours with your own.

Custom Domain

Access from your domain instead of a Project.co domain.

Custom sender email

Notification emails come from your email address not Project.co.

Webhooks & Zapier

Create connections between Project.co and other apps.

AI assistant

Be more efficient by using AI. 100,000 AI tokens/user/month.

Live project & task timer

Record time on projects and tasks using the built-in timer.

Accept recurring payments

Set up recurring payments (subscriptions) for your customers.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you aren’t completely happy within your first 30 days then we’ll provide a full refund.

Create your account

Create your account and experience the magic of having all your information and communication in one place. Never miss a deadline, have a happier team and happier customers.