Discussion Files, Threads, Mentions & Reactions

Our June 2022 discussions update bring a lot of power to the conversations you have in Project.co

First a highly requested feature. Adding files to comments is now possible!

When you’re typing a message you can drag and drop files right into the comment box. Or hit the upload icon at the bottom left of the comment box. When you do, any files you add will be posted along with the comment. They’ll also be added to the files page of the project so you’ll continue to see all project files in the files page as well as in context in the discussions page.

We’ve also added comment threads so you can reply to comments in a thread rather than in the main comment feed. This is great for having specific conversations in context. To start a thread hover over a comment and click on the thread icon in the box that appears. Then type your reply in the normal way. When you post your comment it will be added in the thread. On the main comment feed you’ll see profile images for the people who are part of the thread along with the number of replies.

Another new feature we’ve added is the ability to @ mention people who are part of the project. Simply type the @ symbol or hit the @ button on the comment box and choose a persons name. This highlights their name in the comment and also indicates they were mentioned in any notifications.

In a future release we’re also going to give people the ability to only be notified if they are mentioned in discussions. The aim of this is to reduce the amount of unwanted notifications people get.

You can also now add emojis to comments directly from the comment box. Hit the smily face and you’ll see the emoji chooser. Choose the best emoji and it will be added.

We have also added emoji reactions to comments so you can voice your opinions without needing to write a comment.

To add the first reaction to a comment all you need to do is hover over the comment and you’ll see a box appear at the top right. Hit the smily face, choose and emoji and it will be added as a reaction. To add further reactions you can hit the smily face to the side of the first one. The person who wrote the comment will be notified about any reactions in their inbox.

And finally, it’s worth mentioning that everything now happens in real time. So any comments, reactions, files and threads will all appear as they are posted so you can keep up with the conversation as it happens.

I hope this makes your conversations in Project.co much better. As always we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions so please let us know what you think.

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