“A simple, powerful & intuitive tool that everyone can use”

– Ariel Margolis – CEO & Founder E-LearningSolved

Hit your deadlines

By keeping track of every task for every person on every project, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done and when. With 4 different task views – and a wide range of filter options – you can see exactly what you need to see.

Increase customer satisfaction

A built-in satisfaction survey helps you understand customer feelings throughout your process. Satisfaction can then be reported according to customer, project, group, or team member. Asking customers how they feel gives you the power to act on their response to improve your service over time.

Single source of truth

All your communication is recorded on each project in the discussion page. This means you always have a record of what was said, who said it, and when they said it, giving you a single source of truth. And because you can reply by email, every comment will be recorded – even if someone doesn’t log in to the project to post their reply.

Don’t lose stuff!

Finding files for projects can be one of the biggest resource drains. With a dedicated files page and files attached to comments you’ll always have every file for every project. You can filter the files view to see exactly what you need.

Manage team capacity

It can be hard to understand how much work each member of your team has in any given day, week or month. With 4 different ways to visualise your teams’ tasks – and a wide range of filter options – you now have that power. Filter to see exactly what you want to see, then drag-and-drop to reschedule work as required.

Increase team productivity

With a single place to work from and record information, your team will be more productive. There’s no need to ask what other people have said to clients, and full visibility over everyones’ tasks and due-dates. All information in one place means you have a clear and simple way to work.

Keep your sanity

Managing multiple projects for multiple clients with many different people involved can be difficult. With Project.co you have all the tools you need to chat with clients, manage tasks, manage team capacity and take payments on ALL your projects in one place. Project.co helps you organise projects so your team have more time to do their best work.

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