Sales Opportunity Template

Opportunity knocks! This template is designed to help manage sales opportunities – both new and existing customers – into sales.

The template is perfect for when you’ve identified a sales customer, and want to manage and document the process of nurturing that towards a completed sale. 

You can do that by creating a task for every sales customer – and then using custom task statuses, which are set up within the project.

By default, opportunities will start as ‘Open.’ Then, as things move forward, you can move each customer through to ‘Consideration,’ then “Awaiting project” and on to “Awaiting Payment.” 

If the customer stalls or goes on hold you can move it to “On Hold”. 

When a project is confirmed, typically another project will be set up in your account for you – and your whole team – to manage that project with the client.

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 30
Custom task statuses x 4

Use this template

Once you have an account you’ll see this template in the “Template Gallery” section of your account. Click the button below to create your account and use this template: