Understand what needs to be done, when & by who

Get a complete view of everything you and your team need to do, and when you need to do it.

Never miss a deadline

All tasks have a start and an end date so you can specify exactly when a task needs to be done. You can stretch the task over multiple days, so you’ll know exactly when the task will be worked on, helping you manage capacity.

Task statuses

Task statuses let you move tasks through your process. You can drag and drop on the Kanban board or edit to change on the other views. Task statuses are configurable by you so they can match your business processes.

Tasks your way

Tasks can be viewed in list, calendar, scheduler and Kanban views. Each view gives you a different way to understand and manage your tasks.





Set a date

Tasks can be single-day or multi-day, which is useful on the calendar and scheduler views where you can see how tasks span multiple days. This is great for understanding team capacity and who’s working on what, when.

Allocate to your team

All tasks are allocated to a member of your team. This helps people see tasks they have to work on. Tasks can be allocated to any member of your team – by any other member of your team.

Filter & drill down

All tasks pages can be filtered by multiple different options. This lets you drill down into what you want to see on each view. Want to see tasks by user, group, company or project? Simple, just filter!

Your tasks or all tasks

When you open a view you’ll see your tasks. This lets you see what you need to do and when. You can also click to see all tasks for the whole of your team. This lets you manage capacity and allocate work effectively.

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