Project views

When viewing projects you have 2 view options; My Projects and All Projects. You then have 2 layout options; List and Kanban. We’ll discuss each option below.

My Projects

The default view is My Projects – which only shows projects you’ve actually been added to as a team member.

All Projects

You can change this to All Projects, though. This will display all projects you have access to. 

List View

The default for both these screens is the List view, which displays the name, status, reference and invoiced amounts for each project in a simple list. 

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Kanban View

But you can choose to use the Kanban view instead. Kanban is a workflow management methodology and this display option lets you see, at a glance, where your projects are up to. You can drag and drop projects from one status to the next. It’s a great way to identify bottlenecks, evaluate team/department capacity and address issues to keep work moving forward to completion.

All of these views can be filtered using many other data points to narrow down the projects you see. We’ll cover that in the next section of this guide.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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