Project settings

We know that different projects often have different methods and workflows. So, in the ‘Project settings’ screen, you can set custom task statuses that apply to just the project you’re working on.

This is really useful if you have a single project that has a different workflow to your usual projects. 

For example, you might find it useful to manage internal projects – such as your marketing calendar – differently to the projects that you execute for a client. 

Project settings allows you to do this. 

To review, add, delete and edit the project statuses for a given project, hit the ‘Settings’ option from the navigation menu.

To add a status, hit the ‘Add Status’ button. You can assign your new status a name, and decide how it’ll look – setting a background colour, and text colour. Hit ‘Save’ when you’re done and the new status will be added to your workflow options for the project. It can be edited at any time by clicking the ‘pencil’ icon, and deleted by clicking the ‘X’.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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