Payments allows you to securely take card payments. We don’t offer a full proposal, invoicing and accounting tool – but we do offer a simple way to collect money as projects progress. 

In simple terms, the functionality we offer allows you to request money from a client, and get paid. 

Before you can take payments – you need to set up your payment gateway. You can do this in the account settings page, under the ‘Payments’ field.

Once that’s all set up and connected, you’re ready to take payments – it’s really quick and simple. 

Head to the project you’re taking payments for and select the Payments option.

Click ‘Add Payment’ and complete the short form. 

Payment Description is the line item.

You can choose from 9 different currencies.

Enter the amount – correct to 2 decimal places – in the currency you nominated. 

Finally, add tax. (You can set up tax settings in the account settings page – they will appear in this drop down menu once set up.)

Your internal team will have the option to mark a payment as ‘paid’ which will generate an invoice, or delete if necessary.

External team members – i.e. clients – will simply see ‘Make Payment.’ When they click ‘Make payment’ the Stripe popup box will display, and they can quickly and securely pay. When payment is complete, the ‘View Invoice’ option will become available for them to download an invoice for their records.

You can change your invoice details – address details, logo, etc. – in the Account Settings screen. These details and assets are automatically pulled into your invoices when they’re generated.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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