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Navigating your account

Every page of your Project.co account has 2 sidebars and a main section.

The far left sidebar lets you view all the master pages. These pages show all projects, templates, tasks, people, companies, files and time. This sidebar also includes a button to view the reporting page. 

The master views list everything from that category. So for example if you click on the master projects button you’ll see all your projects. If you click on the master people button you’ll see all the people that have been invited to your account. If you click on the master tasks button you’ll see all tasks from all projects. You get the idea.

Then the sub sidebar is a contextual menu based on the page you’re viewing. For example on the master tasks page I have 2 options. I can view my tasks or I can view all tasks. The sub sidebar will change based on the page you’re viewing to give you options relevant to that page.

The main section then shows the information relevant to that view.

At the top of the main section you have an action button to add a new item relevant to that page. For example you can create a task on the tasks page, a project on the projects page etc.

This section also lets you change the view or layout for this page. On the tasks page for example I can change from the list view to the calendar, scheduler or kanban views.

Above the main section you’ll see a master create button and a filter button. The filter button lets you filter the page you’re currently viewing so you can see only what you want to see. The master create button shows on all pages and lets you quickly create a new project, template, task, person, company or time entry from anywhere within Project.co.

On the row above this you’ll see a search bar and your profile image. The search bar is a global search that lets you search for projects, files and people. Simply type the info you’re looking for and hit enter and you’ll be taken to a page with the results. If you hover over your profile picture you’ll see a menu that lets you get to your personal settings, your general account settings and more.

Updated on June 1, 2020

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