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How to embed a Google Doc, Slide or Sheet in your project

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You can embed existing Google Docs, Slides and Sheets into any project on the “Embeds” page. This is different from adding a file to the files page as an embed lets people view, comment and edit these documents instead of only being able to download them like you can with a file.

When you embed a document into your project on the “Embeds” page it will open directly inside your project meaning your project team never have to leave the project to view, comment and edit the document. See an example of how this looks below:

How to embed a document

In this example we’ll embed a Google Sheet but the process works the same for Google Docs and Google Slides as well.

To embed a document into the embeds page first go to the existing document you have created in Google and click on the “Share” button at the top right of the page:

Then make sure the sharing settings are correct based on the other people who are part of the project and who you want to see the document.

If there are people outside your organisation on the project and you want them to be able to see the document then you need to set the sharing settings to allow external user access.

You then also need to define whether you want people to be able to edit, comment or just view the document.

Once you have set the sharing settings correctly click on “Copy link”:

You can now go to the “Embeds” page of the project you want to embed the document into and click on on “Embed Document”:

Then choose the document type, in our case “Google Sheet”. Give the document a name based on what you would like to show in the embeds page list. And finally, paste the sharing link into the “URL” field:

You’ll then see the document listed in the embeds page list:

To check the document link is working correctly you can click the options button and then click on “Open”. If everything has worked correctly then the document will open within your account.

You can also click on “Open in a new tab” to open the document in Google directly in a new tab.

Updated on May 14, 2020

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