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How to embed a Frame.io video review page

In this article I’ll explain how to embed a Frame.io video review page into the embeds page of a Project.co project.

From your Frame.io account click on the 3 dots of a video you would like to embed.

Then navigate to “Share” in the menu and then click on “Review Link”.

Make sure the right people have access. This is important as only people who have access to the document will be allowed to open it within Project.co. Then when you’re ready click on the link icon next to the sharing link.

Then navigate back to the embeds page of the Project.co project that you would like to embed this video review.

Click on “Embed Item” at the top left of the embeds page to embed a new item. Choose “Frame.io” from the select in the pop up. Then enter a name for your embed and paste the Frame.io sharing link. This will look as follows:

Your Frame.io video review page will now appear in the embeds list.

You can now click on the “Options” button for the embed and then click “Open” and the Frame.io video review page will be opened inside your Project.co project.

Updated on May 14, 2020

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