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People basics

“People” in Project.co can be either internal or external.

As you might expect, Internal people are those inside your organisation, whereas External people are those outside your organisation – i.e. your customers.

Internal people

  • Can have various different roles and permissions.
  • Can be made active or inactive – limiting the number of users on your account. This means that people who work with you on an infrequent basis – such as freelancers – can be activated and deactivated as required. Doing this, as opposed to deleting them, means that all their activity remains on the system and can simply be reactivated at a later date, rather than being permanently deleted.
  • Can be part of groups – which are generally the departments or teams within your business. Click here to find out more about groups.

External people

  • Can be part of a company – but aren’t limited to one. They can be added to a variety of different companies as required. This is useful if you have a customer who buys from you via two different companies or brands.
  • Can invite their colleagues to join the company with them. 

To view the people on your account at any time, click the “People” tab from the side menu.

Here, you’ll see all the people on your account. You can quickly see their name, email address, internal/external status, the date they were created, whether they’re active or inactive, and a range of editing options. These options include the ability to resend their password, edit the user settings, or delete the user.

Filtering people

If you’re looking for a specific person you can click the filter button a the top right hand side of the page to open the filter modal. This gives you the option to filter by name, role or group so you can find the person or people you’re looking for.

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