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Tax rates

Project.co allows you to add various tax rates to your account. This means you can customise the taxes you charge along with your payment requests.

To get started, click “Tax Rates” from the Account Settings menu. Then hit “Add a New Tax Rate”, enter the rate, and the name and hit OK. 

It’s important to note that, when you request payments, you should ensure that tax is included in the amount you request. It won’t be automatically calculated/added by the system.

Adding the correct tax rate ensures that the tax rate displays on the invoice in the breakdown of the amount due. Project.co will calculate the tax element of the amount you enter.

You can quickly and easily edit tax rates by clicking the pencil icon.

Or delete it with the ‘X’ button.

If you do choose to delete a tax rate, there’s no need to reassign – but the action can’t be undone. If you delete a tax rate by accident, you’ll need to manually re-add it by repeating the process above.

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