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Project status

Many projects go through a range of different stages from beginning to completion. The “Project Status” setting lets you specify what these different stages are – so you can see where projects are up to, at a glance.

First, click “Project Status” from the Account Settings menu.

Here you’ll see all the Project Statuses you have set up. By default, you’ll only see “Open” and “Closed” – these also can’t be edited or deleted.

But what happens between these two is up to you. 

To create a new project status, hit “Add a Project Status,” enter a project status name, and select the colours for that status.

All statuses except Open and Closed can be reordered within the list by dragging and dropping and can be edited by clicking the pencil and deleted using the X.

There are a number of benefits to using Project Statuses, including the ability to filter projects by status to get an overview of where things are up to.

Using the Kanban view for your projects, you’ll also notice that the columns are determined by the project statuses set up within the account. This gives you a fantastic overview of overall work status and team capacity.

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