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The Plans section allows you to manage your Project.co plan and subscription.

You can see your current plan, and upgrade if you’d like.

The yellow box at the top of the page shows what your current plan is.

This box also includes a link to your customer portal, where you can manage your subscription and change important account information – such as payment methods, address details, billing history, and more.

This is also where you’ll be able to download past invoices for payments you’ve made.

The options for your Project.co plan are displayed in a simple grid. You can compare the annual/monthly fees, and choose your currency from USD, GBP and EUR.

Please note that all payments will be taken in GBP, and USD/EUR figures are for illustrative purposes only. The actual price paid will be determined by the exchange rate at the time of billing.

To sign up for a Pro plan, use the arrows (or manually enter) the number of users you need on your account, then click “Choose Plan.” This will bring up a popup that takes you through the checkout process based on the input you’ve provided. 

You can downgrade your account at any time – but, in order to do this, you need to be within the limits of the plan you’re looking to downgrade to. For example, if you wanted to downgrade to a 3 user account from a 7 user account, you would need to deactivate at least 4 of your users before you’d be allowed to do so.

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