Implications of AI in Project Management (2024 & Beyond)

Written by Samantha Ferguson

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Last updated on 3rd April 2024

Is AI coming for your job or is it not? 

That’s what we all want to know, right? 

And there’s a lot of speculation out there with regards to the possible implications of AI in the workplace, and how project managers can best prepare for an increase in this technology. 

So, let’s cut through the noise and just take a look at the facts. Plus, discover ways that we can prepare for an uptick in AI usage in the project management industry. 

Implications of artificial intelligence in project management 

1. Job displacement

Whenever the topic of AI comes up in the workplace, job displacement is usually everyone’s top concern. 

And with good reason. 

According to The Future of Jobs Report, automation is set to displace 85 million jobs globally by 2025

But there’s no need to panic just yet, because the same report found that this new ‘robot revolution’ will create 97 million new jobs

Our Insight
When talking specifically about project management, it’s unlikely that AI will completely replace project managers. Rather, the hope is that AI will simply automate certain aspects of project management (such as project scheduling and some initial communications) and this will give project managers more time to focus on complex and creative tasks. 

2. Errors and biases

While AI arguably removes the risks associated with manual errors, AI can only work with the data pools it has access to. In other words, AI is only as good as its data. And it’s likely that some errors and biases will be unavoidable. 

The best way to manage this is to first be aware of the implication, and then also just be on alert for these instances occurring. By making yourself aware of these issues before implementing AI, you can ensure your team’s better prepared to handle any instances of errors or biases that arise through the management of the project lifecycle. 

3. Doing too much too soon

AI technology is very ‘hot right now’. And while this can create a feeling of being left behind or FOMO if you don’t immediately implement AI into your business to help you manage projects, it’s important to make sure you don’t do too much too soon. 

Our Insight
Remember that this is a new technology. AI is still in its infancy and it should be adopted slowly by project leaders so that you can stay in control. Start by using automation tools for routine tasks and then perhaps move onto using AI to manage more complex projects when you’re more comfortable and have a better understanding of how to use it for your specific business. 

We think the AI tool in is a great place to start – obviously! Our AI assistant has been designed purely to help project managers speed up their work. You can use it to generate ideas and even turn those into tasks and projects, so you can spend less time on busy work.

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4. Cost and complexity

Another reason to take it slow when it comes to AI in project management is the cost and complexity involved. 

If you really want to transform project management with AI then you need to invest in the right technology and the best AI tools for your use cases. 

In addition, you need to ensure that everyone in your team is trained on how to use AI driven solutions correctly so that you can reach your project goals with ease. 

5. Lack of a human touch

While some AI chatbots are becoming more human-like in their communications, and through a machine learning model they can learn to be even better, AI is still going to lack empathy and the emotional intelligence required in certain situations. 

Depending on your business operations and the types of projects you manage, this can be a huge deal. If you work directly with clients and stakeholders, there are going to be certain aspects of your projects that only human beings can deal with. 

The bottom line here is, it’s important to find a balance when utilising AI for project management. 

Artificial intelligence for project managers: How to prepare

1. Always put people first

Whether it’s your clients, stakeholders, or your team members, human beings should always come before your AI software – of course! 

If your team’s worried about job displacement in the near future, then reassure them that artificial intelligence is used to assist their project planning, help them automate tasks and save time, not to take their jobs. 

2. Don’t dive straight in 

As mentioned, artificial intelligence is definitely still in its infancy. Diving straight in and automating everything you possibly can will likely lead to multiple issues for your projects. 

Plus, there are a lot of different AI tools popping up every day, especially in the project management area, so make sure you shop around to find the best one to help you manage your projects. 

In addition, team training is also important when implementing any new project management tools – particularly project management AI. 

As exciting as this new world of artificial intelligence can seem, remember to take your time. Only fools rush in!

3. Don’t become too reliant 

Another thing you absolutely want to avoid when it comes to using AI as part of your project management process is becoming too reliant on the software. Ideally, you don’t want to become overly reliant on any software. 

It’s great to use AI to your advantage – to monitor project progress and bring down project costs – but, as the project manager, you should always oversee the usage of AI where possible. 

Our Insight
Be sure to check your AI tool every now and then for any errors or potential biases. Most AI tools will be relying on historical project data so if anything is inputted even slightly incorrectly, this could impact your AI software. 

Remember, AI should be your partner, not your replacement! 

4. Get ready to scale up!

With the many benefits that AI can bring for all industries, including project management, one of the best ways you can prepare is to get ready to increase your business and take on more projects. 

With AI helping you to eliminate risks, optimise resource allocation, and predict which projects will be the most successful for your company, you’ll be able to streamline your processes and get more done!

Final thoughts

It’s an exciting time for AI in project management, and by making the necessary preparations now you can ensure that AI grows with your company to help you manage projects more efficiently and successfully.

For more on the topic of AI in project management, check out this article: 19 Best AI Productivity Tools.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Samantha Ferguson</a>

Written by Samantha Ferguson

Samantha is Head of Content at She has 5+ years' experience in the project management industry and in that time she's written over 100 articles on the subject and conducted studies on employee engagement and how AI is impacting the industry. She also has a lifetime's experience of being obsessed with organisation and productivity - Samantha is that person who plans travel itineraries down to the hour! Her favourite feature is the AI assistant.

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