This template is designed to help you manage your YouTube channel release calendar like a pro – from planning to production.

Every video idea you have can be set up as a task, giving you a quick and easy shortlist of ideas. When you’re happy to move forward with any of these, you can use the custom task statuses we’ve built to do this.

Set the task status to ‘Planning,’ where you can write scripts, create storyboards and generally plan out what’s needed. When this is done, move it forward to ‘Ready to Record’ – and assign a recording date if one is needed.

Once recorded, you can move forward to ‘Needs Editing.’ When this has been done, you can set the task to ‘Ready to publish.’ Completed videos that are published can be moved to ‘Live,’ and – if any don’t make the grade, you can set them to ‘Closed.’

YouTube Video Planner Template

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What’s included

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