Manage the important stuff – at home or at work – with a personal task list to keep you busy, productive and on top of your life!

Whether it’s dental appointments or big presentations at work, we could all use a little help keeping ourselves organised.

This template is designed to show how you could keep on top of your ‘To-do’ list with Each upcoming appointment or event is set up as a task, which can be scheduled to a specific date and even assigned to specific people (helping you manage to-do’s not just for you, but for your team/family as well!)

Then, within each task, you can include notes and important information relevant to that task. You can even upload files, or use the chat feed to discuss events as needed.

As events unfold, you can tick them off, create new ones – making sure you’re always on top of what needs to be done, and what’s coming up in your calendar!

To-Do’s Template

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