Social Media Calendar

Social media is a big deal for brands – and the ones who plan content effectively are the ones who win. If you need more help planning out and diversifying your content, this template’s for you.

This project comes with a range of custom task statuses that reflect different social media content ‘themes.’ For example, different types of content – ebooks, blog posts, webinars; different types of content – product focus, team focus or behind the scenes.

Each post you create can be added as a task to the ‘Tasks’ section, and categorised into one of these statuses. This helps you measure what sort of content you’re putting out at any given time – keeping content well balanced across themes.  

Within the ‘Files’ section of each task, you can include assets like artwork that are needed to go alongside your posts. The ‘Notes’ section of each task can include further supporting information, and a checklist so that you can work through and make sure the post is on all the required channels.

Social Media Calendar Template

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What’s included

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Tasks x 18
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