We believe you can take better meeting notes with Project.co!

Just follow our steps for success:

  1. Create a project from this template.
  2. Give the project the name of your meeting e.g. “Quarterly managers catch up”.
  3. Change the privacy to “Project” so only the people who are invited can see it.
  4. Invite the relevant people.
  5. Write your meeting notes in the project description (that’s right here!) or in a note tool.

👇 This is where your meeting notes superpowers begin 👇

✅ During or after the meeting highlight any part of your note and convert it to a task by selecting “Task Text” from the convert to menu. This means you can start converting parts of your note into actions. In each task you can allocate people, add due dates, chat further and get things done! Meeting notes » tasks 🙌

🙋 @mention people in your note to notify them of things that need their attention.

💬 Add a discussion tool so you can chat about progress of this meeting and carry the conversation on.

➕ Add other tools such as embeds, notes, files and more so you can share all the important information relating to this project (and keep it in one place!)

💥 Your meetings will now be 10,000% more productive!!

Meeting Notes Template

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What’s included

Project description
1 x Note