Chat template

Need a place to chat to other people on an ongoing basis? This template is a simple way to keep all your chat in one place.

Give this project has a “Project” privacy setting so that it’s only visible to the people you invite to it – keeping all your chat private and secure. 

Everyone who’s part of the conversation will be able to contribute, and all messages are stored in the ‘Discussion’ feed to be referred back to.

Whenever you send a message on the Discussion feed, everyone else who’s part of the project will be notified by email. They can view the message in their inbox, and then either login to the system to reply, or reply to the email. The reply will be logged in the Discussion feed.

This template can be used to chat about anything; a campaign, your business, a big idea or more. And – if you need to – you can extend the project by adding tasks, files, embeds and more.

Chat Template

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