Client Portal for Service Businesses

All your client work in one place! brings all your projects, tasks, files, notes, payments, time, document approvals & related 3rd party tools into one place. So you and your clients can see everything & collaborate together.
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Every project is a hub

Replace:  Asana  ClickUp  Basecamp
Every project is a self-contained hub with the tools you need to get that job done.  Create a project for every piece of work you do – then invite your team, your clients and any freelancers to collaborate together. Choose from our core tools and embed all 3rd party tools you use so everything you need for each project can be accessed from one place.

Invite the relevant people

Add the tools you need for each project

Keep everything in one place

“ is the shiznit!
Within a couple of days of using, I’m all in!”

Sony Jackson – Verified review on Capterra
Powerful task management

From brief to complete

Replace:  Trello  ToDoist

Get a clear view of your whole team’s work with tasks. Filter, sort & group tasks to see things your way, with ultimate clarity on what needs to be done by your whole team across all your projects.


Custom fields

Recurring tasks

Task dependencies (Coming very soon)

List, calendar, scheduler & kanban views
(Gantt view coming very soon)

“While I love Notion, I found myself frustrated with managing projects from it. I gave a shot… and I’m not disappointed.”

Verified review on AppSumo

Chat with your clients

Replace:  Slack
Collaborate with your project team in real-time. Add comments, reactions, upload files, @mention people and more. Whenever someone comments you’ll be notified so you can reply in-app or by email.

Real-time comments

Add files & reactions

Reply to notifications by email

Add reactions & threads

“We’ve been using Asana for years but within 5 minutes of using I felt like I understood the tool better.”

Steve – Verified review on Capterra

Built-in proofing

Replace:  Wipster
Getting feedback on documents is super important for creatives. With you’re covered as document proofing is built in. Create and send proofs to your clients. Get contextual feedback on 300+ file types. This makes providing feedback easy for your clients and enables you to make changes quickly!

Supports almost any file type

Get detailed feedback on your work

Make quick changes

Provide your very best work

“Right from the first onboarding project, our clients are immersed in a platform that is on-brand with our business!”

Drew – Verified review on G2

Get paid along the way

Use with:  Stripe  Paypal
Take payments from your customers as projects progress so money never holds you up. Connect your Stripe or Paypal account to get paid directly into your own account.

One-off & recurring payments

Multiple currencies

Stripe & Paypal

Download invoices

“I love the design of the interface. It’s clean, colourful and most of all – well structured. While some other tools bombard you… has gone the other way and provided a structure for the tools you’ll actually use.”

Kris – Verified review on G2

Record & track time

Replace:  Harvest
Use the in-built timer to record time on projects and tasks as you go, or track time manually with ease. View charts to see which group, person, project and task has time allocated, and compare to actual time spent on it.

In-built timer

Easy start/stop timers

Manually track time

Chart of time

“I’ve used a fair few project management tools and, while they all have their good points, they typically feel like “too much” and cluttered. keeps things simple and easy to find, yet packs a lot of solid features. Nicely done!”

Alexleite – Verified review on AppSumo

Notes with superpowers

Replace:  Evernote  Notion
Work with your team and clients on notes and see everyone’s work in real-time. Use the slash command menu to embed 3rd party tools, images, videos and more. Then use the AI Assistant to help you do your best work.

Real-time collaboration

AI assistant

Embed anything

Build your second brain

“Beautiful features, complex and various permissions, native features, a straightforward user interface, and excellent assistance from the creators and the vibrant community.”

Zakaria – Verified review on G2

A little bit of AI magic

Works with:  ChatGPT 
The AI Assistant is built into all notes and descriptions to help you do your best work. Use the power of Chat-GPT to supercharge your projects. Create new content or edit existing content.

Do faster, better work

Simple & built-in

OpenAI Chat-GPT

“I have been struggling to find a project management tool with a simple and easy-to-use UI/UX. I tried apps like Asana, Monday, Trello and many more only to get calls or emails from clients saying it’s overwhelming and asking me to keep them updated by email. So I decided to move forward with I showed it to some of my clients and asked them for feedback. They said it’s ‘Simple and easy to navigate’ – music to my UX Design ears.”

Rodrigo – Verified review on G2

Embed anything

Works with:  ANYTHING 💪🏼
Every project you create is a hub for your work. We make it easy to embed and link to your other tools within your projects – meaning that everything from anywhere can be found in each project.

Embed the other tools you use

Link to tools that don’t support iframes

Keep everything in one place

“I’ve tried many project management tools, Trello, Asana, and Notion to name a few, but is by far the easiest to use and most intuitive.”

Nachole – Verified review on G2

Project Dashboard

Tasks List


File Proofing


Record Time




Complete Visibility Of Everything

Get visibility of all projects, tasks, people, groups, files, payments & time so you can see exactly what you need to see to move things forward. Everything comes with multiple views so you can manage your data in the best way for you.
List View


View items in a list. Sort, group, drag & drop to see things your way.
Calendar View


View items as coloured blocks based on start & due date.
Scheduler View


View items on a timeline grouped by resource such as allocated person.
Kanban View


View items in columns grouped by any field. Drag & drop to reorder.
List View
Calendar View
Scheduler View
Kanban View

Connect with your other tools

Create projects or tasks from forms, automatically post comments & sync data between your apps. Supercharge the way you use by connecting it with your other tools.
All integrations connect through Zapier

Our customers say…

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Use in 5 languages

Clear, simple pricing

Use it free forever or upgrade if you need more…
(no time limits)

3 Creator users
Unlimited Collaborator users
10 active projects
6 tools per project
1GB storage total
Unlimited collaborative notes
Unlimited tasks
Real-time discussions
Accept one-time payments
Track allocated & actual time
Embed 3rd party tools
Desktop, iOS and Android apps

$8/creator user/month
(or $80 billed annually)
Everything in Free plus…
Unlimited projects
Unlimited tools per project
20GB file storage/user
AI assistant
Task timer
Gantt view
Webhooks access
Public API access
Document proofing
Recurring payments
Custom branding
Custom domain
Custom emails
Priority support
Team onboarding call
Migration support
Satisfaction guarantee

No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free plan work?

The free plan is free forever! Create projects, manage tasks, invite unlimited collaborators & make work better. If you work as a team of 3 or fewer people then this plan is perfect for you.

When will I be charged?

You won’t be charged until you decide to enter your card details and pay. We don’t ask for a credit card to sign up so you won’t be billed until you upgrade to the Paid plan. When you do decide to upgrade you can pay monthly or annually.

What are creator & collaborator users?

Creators are paid users. These are typically people on your team. They have a higher level of permissions so they can create and edit things within your account. Collaborators are free users. These are typically clients or freelancers. They have a lower level of permissions so they can collaborate with you on projects but they can’t do some things. See more about users, roles and permissions here.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for charities, non-profits & education. If you feel like you qualify then please click on the support button at the bottom right of the page and speak with us. We’ll set you up with an account and a sweet discount.

I have another question

Click on the support button at the bottom right of the page and speak with us. We’d love to understand what you need and we’re very happy to help.