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We want to make it super easy for you to promote to your audience. On this page you’ll find tools and resources to help you do exactly that! 😎
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Brand Guidelines

Brand Assets

First, let’s give you the brand assets you need. Below, you’ll find a range of logos, icons and graphics to help you promote accurately and consistently, working around your own style and brand voice.

The logo is a versatile symbol of streamlined project management and collaboration. Below you’ll find the logo, for presentation on light and dark backgrounds. And, the ‘P’ icon can be used in positions where space is at a premium.

Download our brand guidelines

Download our logos and brand assets


App Screenshots

Get a glimpse into the easy-to-use and intuitive interface of with our product screenshots. These screenshots feature our demo account which is populated with relevant data so you can show the product in its best light.

Download our screenshots pack

Welcome Dashboard
Social Ads


Social Media Adverts

Below, you’ll find a range of different ad creative ideas. If you decide to promote your affiliate link on social media, these ad ideas give you a few different angles through which to do this. Of course – feel free to customise to match your own brand voice.

Download our social media advert pack


Banner Adverts

Next up, here’s a range of banner ads – in a number of different sizes – for you to position on your website around your other content and push traffic towards your unique affiliate link.

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Banner Ads

Video Adverts & Guides

Share the power of with a range of pre-prepared videos. Each video is focused on showcasing a specific tool and how it can streamline your project management and collaboration processes. This is a great way to explain and demonstrate specific aspects of our tool to your audience.

General Ad #1


General Ad #2


General Overview


Discussion Tool Overview


Embeds Tool Overview


Files Tool Overview


Notes Tool Overview


Payments Tool Overview


People Overview


Tasks Tool Overview


Time Tool Overview


AI Assistant


Visual Tool


Every Project is a Hub


Email Templates

Unlock the full potential of your email list with our range of customisable email templates – use them to introduce your audience to, invite them to try the software, and start earning commissions as a affiliate.

View our email templates

Email Templates
Social Ad Templates

Social Media Post Templates

In this guide you’ll find a range of social media post templates that are designed to help you promote to your followers.

Whether you’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, we’ve got posts that will help you communicate the power of

Feel free to copy, paste, and customise these templates as needed to make them your own…

View our social media post templates

How to describe

So, you’re recommending to your audience: what exactly do you say? Here’s our take on how you should describe who we are and what we do.

Short description is a client-facing project management tool that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and get work done. With a user-friendly interface and a range of features like tasks, discussions, and people management, it’s designed to help you streamline your projects and stay on top of your work.

Long Description is a web-based project management tool that empowers teams, clients and freelancers to work more efficiently and effectively.

Its intuitive interface and robust feature set make it simple to track tasks, collaborate on projects, and manage people all in one place.

With features like discussions, files, time tracking, and integrations with tools like Figma, Airtable, and Google Docs, streamlines project workflows and helps teams stay on top of deadlines.

What’s more, can also be customised with additional features like custom task statuses to really make the tool your own.

And because it’s built especially for client projects, the client experience is amazing – it’s not overwhelming or complicated like some other tools, meaning getting up and running is a breeze.

Why choose

Here are some benefits to talk about when trying to promote – these are things we’re particularly proud about:

Client facing is built specifically for client-facing projects. This means each role has its own access levels and you can control what your team, clients and freelancers see and do.

Simplicity is designed to be simple and easy-to-use right out of the box. Unlike other project management systems that often need extensive training, is intuitive and user-friendly.


Each project starts as a blank canvas, and you can choose the tools you need. Any you don’t need – you simply don’t have to add them. This keeps the tool simple and unintimidating, particularly for clients who don’t have to wade through a list of redundant tools and features. It also means each project can be tailored to fit your team and client’s unique requirements.


While it’s simple to use out of the box, also comes with a range of tools and options that can be customised to your specific needs and workflow, such as custom fields and custom task statuses. This empowers you to really make the tool your own.

What our customers say

See a selection of customer reviews on the 2 most popular software review sites G2 and Capterra below.
G2 High Performer
G2 Best Usability
G2 Best Relationship
G2 High Performer
G2 Best Usability
G2 Best Relationship
G2 High Performer
G2 High Performer
G2 High Performer
G2 High Performer
G2 High Performer
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G2 Users Love Us
Fell in love with!

My clients love it too!

Love it!

I’m a big fan of Trello but when I saw the interface of I was ecstatic.

Really neat and easy to use

I’ve used a fair few project management tools and, while they all have their good points, they typically feel like “too much” and cluttered. is the shiznit!

Within a couple of days of using, I’m all in!

Nice project tool

Easy to use but with lots of features!

Very happy!

It’s easy to navigate, well organized, has amazing features + the best customer service. Very happy customer.

Intuitive with great support

While I love Notion, I found myself frustrated with managing projects from it. I gave a shot… and I’m not disappointed.

Been loooking for a tool like this

Highly recommend!