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About is a project management tool for creative teams. You can use it to chat, share files, manage tasks, make notes, take payments, invite your clients – and do your best work!

About Ziflow

Ziflow is an online proofing software for agencies and brands. It simplifies the review and approval process of creative content – improving the speed, clarity and efficiency of feedback in your team.
By using Ziflow with, your team – and clients – can review and provide detailed feedback on creative work inside each project in your account. This means you can get feedback on creative work alongside your project conversation, tasks, payments, notes and other files.

Why use Ziflow with

Keep everything in one place

All too often, creative teams find themselves managing feedback through email chains, Slack conversations and even print outs.

This means there are multiple versions of the same document – and incorporating everyone’s feedback becomes incredibly messy and time-consuming.

Ziflow’s integration with makes it easy – get feedback on your documents and videos within the same tool you use to chat, manage tasks, take payments and more.

Quick, quality feedback

Ziflow offers powerful feedback tools including intuitive annotation and commenting. This makes it so much easier to understand what the reviewer means and what they’re suggesting. And, with the ability to compare versions, you can get a clear idea of what changes have already been made, and see your projects progress towards completion.

A variety of content types

All sorts of different documents and files can be edited and reviewed within Ziflow, including videos, documents, PDFs and more. This means that, whatever sort of work your creative team does, you can get everyone on the same page, reviewing work and collaborating, with one singular source of truth.

And you can use functionality – chat, tasks, notes – to make sure everyone knows exactly what needs to be done at any given time, to keep things moving forward.

How to use Ziflow with

1. Select ‘Embeds’ from your project sidebar

Head to your project in and click the ‘Embeds’ option from the navigation menu.

2. Embed Item > Ziflow

Click the ‘Embed Item’ button and select Ziflow from the drop down menu.

3. Copy the URL of your Ziflow proof

In your Ziflow account, open the piece of work you want to review, and copy the URL.

4. Paste URL into menu

Give the proof a name, and paste the URL into the field as shown. When you’re done, hit ‘OK.’ Your proof is now embedded into your project!

5. Open the proof in

Now your work is embedded, anyone who wants to review and comment on it can find it in the ‘Embeds’ section. Your whole team can review and feedback.

6. Manage other aspects of your project alongside

Use functionality such as ‘Discussion’ and ‘Tasks’ to communicate and stay organised with everyone on the project.

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