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About YouTube

YouTube holds all the video inspiration you could ever ask for. As well as the ability to upload videos for your audience to see- for free!

By using YouTube with, your team – and clients – can review and share videos right alongside the task management, scheduling & communication capabilities of a solid project management tool.

Why use YouTube with

Share your work

If you’re working with video, it’s likely you’ll be uploading that video to YouTube, and you’ll want to share that with your team. So instead of sending a link to multiple people that they have to open and load up, embed directly into so the video is available for everyone as soon as they log in. & YouTube & YouTube


If you’re managing a project with a team of colleagues or clients you might want to share YouTube videos within your projects. This can be fantastic for inspiration, collecting a series of videos together or getting everyone on the same page. With a wealth of videos available on YouTube and easy embeds within you’re all set!

How to use YouTube with

1. Select ‘Embeds’ from your project sidebar

Head to your project in and click the ‘Embeds’ option from the navigation menu. & YouTube

2. Embed Item > YouTube

Click the ‘Embed Item’ button, hit ‘Type’ and select YouTube from the drop-down menu. & YouTube

3. Copy the ID of your YouTube video

In your YouTube account, open the video you need, click share, and copy the ID. See full instructions here. & YouTube

4. Paste ID into menu

Give the video a name, and paste the ID into the field as shown. When you’re done, hit ‘OK.’ Your video is now embedded into your project! & YouTube

5. Open the video in

Now the video is embedded, anyone who wants to access it can find it in the ‘Embeds’ section. Your whole team can collaborate and review – as well as using functionality such as ‘Discussion’ and ‘Tasks’ to communicate and stay organised.

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