Video Agencies:

How to take on $12,000 more projects EVERY MONTH

(without increasing headcount or outsourcing work)

Your video agency isn’t underperforming because of the quality of your work’s because, every day of every week, you (and your team) are wasting copious amounts of time that could and SHOULD be spent doing great creative work and generating new business.

Instead, that time is spent putting out fires, duplicating work, searching for files and dealing with disorganisation in your team.

Does this sound like you?

  • You run, own or manage a video agency
  • You want to DELIGHT your customers with awe-inspiring video content but constantly come up against time restrictions.
  • You want to have a happy, focused team that will run through brick walls for your business.
  • You’ve tried a bunch of ways to manage your process but none work in the way you need them to and they aren’t made for YOUR business.
  • You’re sick to the back teeth of your clients getting a crappy experience – when you work so hard to win them.
  • You try to get your clients to work using your tools or processes but it always reverts back to email and file sharing.
  • You’re exhausted, burnt out and never know where video projects are up to without asking someone else.
  • You’re the boss but you don’t feel in control.
  • You’re making great videos but your clients aren’t ‘wowed’ by working with you.
  • Your business doesn’t run properly without YOU doing stuff.
  • You want personal freedom – but whenever you try to take time away, you get a barrage of emails and requests to deal with so you can never switch off.

If this sounds like you then keep scrolling…

You’re not alone…

“I knew we should be achieving more based on the quality of our videos, but didn’t have time to spend on sales and marketing.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

“I had no way of knowing where each project was up to without actually interrupting and asking my team.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

“I had no way of knowing where each project was up to without actually interrupting and asking my team.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

“I estimate my team was wasting X hours per week on re-work and searching for lost files.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

We were in the exact same position…

Matt Byrom

I’m Matt Byrom, founder of Wyzowl, a world-renowned animated video agency.

But we weren’t always so successful.

When I started out, we were speaking with clients by email and phone. We saved files on a shared hard drive and our computers. We discussed things internally and – pretty much – improvised on a daily basis to make things work!

But as we grew, this quickly turned into chaos. We didn’t have clarity over what had been agreed, by who and when. This meant we were chasing around for answers, files and project information. Our team used their own calendars and paper-lists to map out their workload, meaning nobody really knew what everybody else was doing.

We ended up working SO MUCH harder than we needed to on the admin side of things – which meant we had less time for creative work, not to mention chasing new leads and opportunities. It was really holding us back.

“Something had to change”

To cut a long story short, I’ve come to realise that running a video production company without the right systems, processes and tools is like expecting an orchestra to play a symphony without sheet music or a conductor. You might have lots of talented artists, each with their unique skills – but without organisation and leadership, all you get is an uncoordinated mess. There might be moments when it comes together briefly – but, in the end, improvisation and individuality only ever lead to chaos.

So, we started looking for tools to manage our projects. There was an abundance of tools all with a comprehensive set of features. But most importantly for us… None of the tools excelled at working with clients and none of them were made for video agencies so they didn’t fit our way of working.

“We built a tool that was perfect for our video agencies needs”

We built our own system so we could keep all our client communication, projects, tasks, files and information in one place. We wanted a system that our team and clients would actually love to use. A tool that would work for our video agency and give us all the information we needed when we wanted it.

We created a tool that acts as the backbone of our business. It’s helped us manage over 4,000 total projects. It means our team can spend 95% of their time on creative work as we have 1 simple place to do everything else, quickly! And it means we can find everything when we need it. So no matter if someone is off our out of the office, anyone can pick up their work as all the information is to hand.

This has been the secret to how we’ve grown our agency and why we can run our business without stress. And now I want to share it with you…

And today….

We’ve created over 3,000 videos
We start 30 – 50 new videos every month
We have clear visibility of all our work
Our team of 20 runs with little management input
We create videos for some of the world’s most well known brands

Wyzowl Logos

We have the solution…

A project management tool built by a video agency for other agencies

Bring all your team, clients, communication, tasks, files, notes & payments into one place.

Embed scripts & storyboards as collaborative documents so everyone can comment, edit and work towards sign off.

Embed your videos so you can get time stamped feedback from all parties.

And ultimately, sort, filter and manage your data as you like so you can see exactly where each project is up to, what’s due when and where your capacity gaps are.

With your team will spend less time on admin and more time on creative work.

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Total visibility of team workload

Hit your deadlines and keep workloads manageable

The Problem:
Your team use paper to-do lists and post-it notes so there’s no clear visibility for you as a manager of what everyone is working on

See what needs to be done and when – across your whole team. When you have visibility of everything, you can make better decisions, your team are happier and clients get your best work. Maximise the productivity of your team and get stuff done!

Communicate with everyone

No more missed messages

Your team communicate with clients using email. So nobody has visibility fo the full conversation or what’s been agreed, at what price and to be delivered when. Chaos ensues!

Invite everyone who needs to be part of each project – your team and your clients team. Chat, share files and collaborate to get work done! All communication is stored in the project so anyone can look back on what’s been said – and new people can catch up quickly.

Built for working with clients

A tool your clients will love to use

Your clients don’t have visibility of what’s happening in their project. Sure they have email communication but they don’t know when to expect the next deliverable. And running multiple projects together? Forget it!

Inviting and working with your clients feels like an afterthought in most other project management software. Not us! was built for working with clients. This means your team and your clients team can chat, share files, and get work done, all in the same place.

All files & assets in one place

No more lost files or hard to find documents

Scripts, storyboards, videos, images & audio files live all over the place. You’re constantly looking around for files and you have no idea if the file you’ve found is the FINAL version.

Whenever anyone working on a project needs access to a file – they’ll be able to find it, quickly and easily. No scraping around for lost files, no duplicated work – they can get on with doing their best work without any unnecessary delays! 

Embed your other tools

The power of with the tools you’re already using

When your online don’t live alongside your offline documents things can still go missing! The power of a collaborative document is lost when nobody knows where it is 🙁

Embed scripts, storyboards, videos, spreadsheets, review tools, design boards, presentations and more right inside every project. This means you get the ability to chat, share files and manage tasks right alongside the tools you already know and love.

It’s not just us…

1,500+ agencies & businesses

“It’s given us the ability to work across multiple sites which we struggled with before We can see instantly which tasks are outstanding and what needs to be done.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

“Great bit of software. Love the simplicity and usability it provides. I’ve used Basecamp for years but wanted something more sustainable for the future.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

“The organisational structure of our business is far and away improved over me just using an excel spreadsheet that often resulted in me losing work.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

“The biggest result for us is that our team is actually using it. We’ve used a lot of other tools but with our team is using it and all of it’s capabilities without training.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

“ completely changed the way I manage projects with my team, it is incredible how much easier is now to share information about the projects directly through the internal chat. We used to have different platforms and now we can deal with project management and communication in just one place!”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

“Now, I can schedule my time better taking a look at my current tasks in a calendar layout. Also, I can manage my team’s time better because I can see the blank time slots on the Scheduler, a great tool for most project managers.”

// Dan Wright @ Digital Films

We asked our customers how many extra projects they could take on each month after using And the average value of a project for them…

Based on this information we found out that our customers manage an average of 6 extra projects each month now compared with before they worked with us.

As the average value of a project is $2,000 this means our customers now manage an additional $12,000 of projects every month.


Simple per user pricing. Pay monthly with unlimited everything. Pay annually to get dedicated support from our team included.
Pay Monthly
Only £7.50
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited embeds
  • 10GB file storage per user
  • Custom branding & URL
  • All project & task views
  • Priority support
Pay Annually
Only £75
If you pay annually you’ll get a host of other benefits…
  • 2 Months free
  • Account set up session
  • Team training session
  • Premium support

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