Track time on a per project basis

A simple time tracking feature that helps you understand which projects, people and clients are most profitable.

Allocate time

Allocate time to each group on every project. For example, if you’re creating a website for a client your groups might be copy, design and development. You might allocate 10 hours to copy, 20 hours to design and 30 hours to development. This helps each group see what their time boundaries are on any project.

Record time

As your team work on projects they can record the time they spend. This is managed on the master “Time” page. You can then see the “Actual” hours that have been spent alongside the allocated hours on each project. This provides a real time view of how much time has been spent on each project.

Understand which projects, clients & team members are most profitable

Recording time that each member of your team spends on a project will help you understand which clients are most profitable, which projects run over, which team members complete work quickly and which take too long.


The time report shows allocated hours and actual hours along with an efficiency calculation for each project. You can filter the report to drill down into specific date ranges, teams, clients and people. This helps you understand what’s working and what’s not from a time perspective.

Project efficiency

The project efficiency calculation on the time report helps you see which projects are under and over the allocated time. This calculation combines multiple projects so you can see how a batch of projects are performing in one figure.

Manual time entry

Record the time you spend in any way that works for you. Then simply enter that time into on the time page. This is a straightforward way to track the time you and your team spend on each project.

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