Monthly Sales Report Template

Keep your monthly sales figures in one convenient place for your sales team to see with this simple, no-frills template!

It’s really important to be able to find key documents quickly – and this template is designed for just that reason. It offers a quick way to keep your monthly sales results in one easily accessible place. 

The best way to do this, as you can see, is to embed a document in the ‘Embeds’ section. This means everyone can view and/or edit one central version of the document, without any duplicates.

You can use the ‘Tasks’ section to create reminders to upload or update your documents at regular intervals, and the ‘Discussion’ feed lets you and your team ask/answer questions and chat through results as needed.

It’s also important to note that the privacy level on this project is set to ‘Private.’ This means that only people you invite will be able to see it – this is something important to consider, given the sensitivity of sales figures.

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 1
Custom task statuses x 0

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