Content Calendar Template

They say content is king – live like marketing royalty with this template designed to nail every aspect of your content calendar!

This template is designed to invite your whole content team –  anyone involved in creating marketing content for your business – so they can each manage their part of the process.

Each member of the team can have tasks allocated to them, with dates that can be shuffled around according to your needs. Within each task, there’s a place to share important notes and share files relevant to that piece of content – as well as discussing progress, asking and answering questions in the chat feed.

The calendar tasks view gives you an oversight of what’s happening during the current month – like any content calendar – but when you also factor in the added functionality, what you actually have is a multi-layered schedule with people, tasks, file sharing and discussion – all in one place.

Throw in custom task statuses that reflect where each project is up to at any stage – copy, design, awaiting feedback on either of those stages, ready for publishing, or live – and you’re left with a real bedrock for quality, consistent, organised content marketing. So go ahead – give it a try!

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 17
Custom task statuses x 7

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