Blog Post Template

Blog posts are the cornerstone of a great content plan. This template is designed to help you manage every stage of creating yours!

Each potential blog post is listed as a task, with custom task statuses to represent where that post is up to in the process. 

This means that you can see a list of ideas, and get an understanding of what progress has been made on each one. 

Titles you want to move forward with can be reclassified to ‘Planning.’ Once plans are created and signed off, you can move this to ‘Being written.’ Written posts that need to be reviewed can be moved ahead to ‘Awaiting feedback.’ Articles that are complete and ready from a copy perspective can be set to ‘Awaiting an image’ – at which point the task can be assigned to whoever needs to source or create the image. And, finally, the article can be set to ‘Awaiting publishing,’ and ‘Live,’ when it goes up on your site.

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 5
Custom task statuses x 7

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