Accounting Client Tracker Template

This project is designed to track your accountancy practice clients as you take each one through a process. 

This template uses the example of a tax return. It lets you move clients through your process so you can see where each client is up to and make sure you complete the process for each client. 

We’ve created a number of custom task statuses for you. This means you can move clients from “Open” to “Gathering Information” when you start collecting the information you need to complete the tax return.

You can then move to “Tax Return In Progress” when you start the process, before changing to “Tax Return Complete” when you finish the process. 

You can also move clients to “On Hold” if the process stalls for whatever reason. 

We’d recommend setting up a similar template with all your clients added as tasks, so you can create your own task statuses for each process you go through with your clients.

You might also like the “Customer Tracker” template to track each of your customers in a more general way.

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 30
Custom task statuses x 4

Use this template

Once you have an account you’ll see this template in the “Template Gallery” section of your account. Click the button below to create your account and use this template: