Website Development Template

Manage the many moving parts of the website development process like a pro with this multi-step process – from planning to launch!

Whether you’re developing your own in-house web content, or working for your clients, this handy template is designed to help you manage the whole process – and keep a handle on your capacity as a team.

Each new site, page or feature can be added as a task in the ‘Tasks’ section. These tasks can be assigned to a person, associated with a date, and have notes/files attached – e.g. briefs and instructions – to help everyone understand what’s required.

The project can then move forward through the relevant stages from brief to completed signed off website. You could then create another project to manage the maintenance of the website on a weekly or monthly basis.

Every time a task moves forward in the process, it can be assigned to the relevant team member, and given a due date if necessary.

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 11
Custom task statuses x 0

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