Feature Request Template

Submit new feature requests – and give your development team a clear, precise queue to work through!

In this template, every task in the ‘Tasks’ section represents a different request for the development team to work through. 

The custom task statuses we’ve requested can be used to clearly identify where each request is up to in the process.

Since this template has ‘Standard’ privacy settings, any of your internal users can access the project and create their own requests, in the ‘Tasks’ section. 

The development team manager would then be able to pick these up, and allocate them to a member of the team. The status would be changed to ‘Allocated.’ When the development team member started working on the request they could move the status to “Working On” – then ‘Ready for Review’ when the job was complete and feedback was required.

Throughout all of this a conversation could happen between the person who made the request and the development team member on the chat section of the task, and files could be uploaded as required to the ‘files’ section. 

The aim of this template is, ultimately, to give people an easy way to submit new feature requests and a queue for the development team to work through.

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 22
Custom task statuses x 4

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