Meeting Notes Template

Stop wasting time in unproductive meetings with this handy template, designed to plan and document meetings and action points!

The project privacy is ‘Private’ meaning only the people who are invited can see projects created using this template.

Each meeting is scheduled as a task, and within the notes section, you can see an agenda, as well as the minutes from that meeting. The use of checkboxes means that you can ‘tick off’ items from the agenda as they’re discussed – while follow up meetings and action points can also be scheduled as needed. 

Your team can also use the chat feed to discuss action points or items to be added to the agenda before, or after, a meeting.

Best of all, any time you need to refer back to what was agreed in a previous meeting, it’s saved in one handy place for your whole team to revisit and catch up.

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 6
Custom task statuses x 0

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