Customer Onboarding Template

Onboarding new clients is one of the most important things your business can do. Use this template to walk you through every step!

Each task in the ‘Tasks’ section represents a step in your typical onboarding flow, from welcoming new customers by email through to kick off calls and even sending introductory gifts. These tasks each let you complete an important step to successfully onboard a new customer, using the tools and techniques you know are most effective.

The ‘Notes’ section is used as simple store for relevant information and the ‘Files’ and/or ‘Embeds’ section has all the completed signed documents for each person on your team to reference.

In short, this template contains all the action points and information you need to deliver a great onboarding process for your newest customer.

What does this template include?

Project details
Tasks x 7
Custom task statuses x 0

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