Invite anyone

Invite your whole team & your clients’ teams. Organise your clients, let them invite their own team members – and only see projects relevant to them.

Invite your team

Your internal team are the people within your business. Each person will be given a role which provides them with a specific permission set. This means different people within your company can manage different aspects of the system.

Group & filter your team

Each person on your team can be added to groups. Once people are in groups you can view and filter projects, tasks, and time – by person, by group, or across your whole team.

Bring the right people together to collaborate on each project

Every project is a collection of people and tools. By bringing people together with a common set of tools helps make your team happier & more efficient. You can also complete projects quicker with fewer issues along the way.

Your clients’ team

Create a company for each client you work with. A company is a group of external users. Each project brings 1 or more companies together to work with your internal team.

Give your clients the power!

You can invite your clients’ team or let them invite their own team members. This puts your client in control of inviting the relevant people to each project.

Chat & collaborate

Once you’ve invited your team and your clients’ team to a project, it’s time to collaborate. Everyone can chat and share files. Your team can create and manage tasks to keep track of everything that needs to be done to complete the project.

Email notifications

Everyone who’s part of a project will receive an email notification whenever a new comment is posted. These can be turned on/off on a per user and per project basis so you have ultimate control.

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