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About is a project management tool for creative teams. You can use it to chat, share files, manage tasks, make notes, take payments, invite your clients – and do your best work!

About Office 365

You may already be familiar with Microsoft Office, it holds all of our favourite productivity apps such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Office 365 is the online version of the Microsoft tools we all know and love.
By using Office 365 with, your team can work on Spreadsheets, Powerpoints and Word documents from within your project – you can then click straight into discussion, tasks, payments, notes and other files. This keeps everything in one place and combines the power of collaborative documents with project management.

Why use Office 365 with

Everything is in one place

If you’re managing a project with a team of colleagues, or even if your client has their own team, Office 365 with will allow you to share work easily. All files are accessible from within the project, so there’s no digging around in shared folders or hard drives. Everything is conveniently in one place, ready for anyone who is given access to review.

Add tasks & manage workload

When you’re working on a spreadsheet, document or powerpoint, wouldn’t it be great to be able to create and allocate tasks to yourself and your team? When you combine Office 365 with you can do just that. The task feature can help keep people accountable and also assist when it comes to managing workload. Tasks show where everyone is up to, helping you decide who in your team can take on more work.

You’re always up to date

When you embed Office 365 documents in you’re always working on the same collaborative document. This means your team is always working on the latest version. This results in saved time, ease of collaboration and most importantly- better work!

How to use Office 365 with

1. Select ‘Embeds’ from your project sidebar

Head to your project in and click the ‘Embeds’ option from the navigation menu.

2. Embed Item > Office 365

Click the ‘Embed Item’ button, hit ‘Type’ and select Office 365 from the drop-down menu.

3. Copy the URL of your Office 365 doc

In your Office 365 account, choose the document you want, click share, edit the access rights and copy the URL.

4. Paste URL into menu

Give the document a name, and paste the URL into the field as shown. When you’re done, hit ‘OK.’ Your Office 365 doc is now embedded into your project!

5. Open the file in

Now the document is embedded, anyone who wants to access it can find it in the ‘Embeds’ section. Your whole team can collaborate and review – as well as using functionality such as ‘Discussion’ and ‘Tasks’ to communicate and stay organised.

6. Collaborate!

Use Office 365 to submit edits to yours or your team’s documents – approve work, approve it with changes, and so on – so everyone knows when the work is completed and ready to go!

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