Keep track of all the important things

Save important notes on each project for your team to see. Notes are private from your clients so you can keep important and sensitive project information in here to help your team run the project more effectively.

Create & edit notes

Simply click to edit a note and you’ll be presented with a big free form text box. Type your notes and save. You can click to edit the notes again at any point. Add to and build up your notes page as the project progresses.

Hidden from your clients

Your clients can’t see the notes page. This means you and your team can keep important and sensitive information in here to help with the smooth running of the project.

Keep important information in an easy to access location

Making a note of all the important information on each project in the notes section is a great way to make key information available to your team, in one central place.

Simply plain text

There’s no whizz bang with the notes page. Just a simple way to make and edit your notes. Simplicity makes this easy to use for everyone.

Easy to update

The notes page is super quick and easy to update. Simply click, edit and save. You then have a page of information for everyone on your team to see.

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