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Upload & manage files

The master files page can be accessed from the left hand sidebar. From here you can see all files that have been uploaded on projects in your account.

You can see an image to represent the file type in the left most column, the project the file has been uploaded to, the name of the file, the size and the date it was uploaded. 

In the far right column you have an options button. This lets you download or delete the file. If you delete it then it will be removed from all parts of your account and your storage usage quota will reduce accordingly.

At the top of the main files page you’ll see how much storage you have based on your plan and how much of your quota you’re currently using.

You can filter the files that show on the main files page by clicking the filter button at the top of the page. You can then select from a range of different options and save so you see just the files you want to see.

Files can only be uploaded to projects and can’t be uploaded to the main files page directly.

To upload a file to a project first navigate to a project and then click on the “Files” link in the contextual sidebar.

The files page of a project collects all files that are uploaded to the various parts of the project. Files can be uploaded when you create a project, with a comment on the discussion page, to a task or directly to the files page of a project.

As each area works in the same way we’ll focus this demonstration on uploading files to the files page of the project directly.

To upload a file to a project click on the “Upload Files” button at the top left of the main section. This will reveal a file dropzone. You can drag and drop files of up to 200 megabytes each into this section. Alternatively you can click browse in the middle of the dropzone to search for files using the computers folder system. When you’re done click “Save Files” to upload the files.

The files you’ve uploaded will then show on the files page. You can use the options button to download or delete these files as required.

Updated on June 1, 2020

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