Time basics

Project.co lets you record the time you and your team spend working on projects – and understand how that compares to the time you expect to spend.

These times need to be added manually – rather than them being automatically tracked. 

Time is divided into two different categories:

Allocated time: The time that you expect to spend on a project, and assign to its completion. Think of this as your budgeted time.

Actual time: The time you actually spend on completing the project.

Time whether on projects or in the main time screen is not visible to external users.

Internal users can access the Time section by hitting the ‘Time’ icon in the navigation menu. 

This will bring up the Time List. This is a list of all time spent on projects, in chronological order from newest to oldest. You can see the person, group, project number, project name, date and number of hours of each entry.

Time is added in hours – and you can use a decimal format here if you need to be more granular, e.g. 90 minutes spent would be 1.5 hours.

See how to add allocated and actual time in the next few sections.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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