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The discussion page can be found on every project by clicking the “Discussion” link in the contextual sidebar.

At the top of the discussion page you’ll see the new comment text input. This is a rich text editor so you can type your comment and format it using the tools on the top bar. This includes text formatting, bulleted and numbers lists, links, a way to clear existing formatting and a way to paste sections of code.

You can include a number of things with your comment. To do this hover over the “Include” button to the right of the “Post Comment” button.

Firstly and most commonly you can attach a file. When you click on the “File from computer” item a file dropzone will appear. You can drag and drop files of up to 200 megabytes each into this section. Alternatively you can click browse in the middle of the dropzone to search for files using the computers folder system.

You can then include either a YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia video with your comment. If you choose one of these options then you’ll see a pop up asking for the video ID. Enter the ID and the video will be included with your comment.

Lastly you can also include a satisfaction rating. This is a way to post a 5 stage satisfaction survey along with a comment to the discussion feed. Choose this option then you’ll see a pop up. Choose the person and the group that the results should apply to and then enter your message. When you post this the satisfaction survey will post to your discussion feed. The client can then make their choice. This will then be recorded against the project and can be reported on in the reporting section.

When you’re ready to post your comment you can hit “Post Comment” and your comment will be posted into the comment timeline. An email will also be sent out to everyone who’s part of the project and has email notifications turned on.

Anyone who’s sent a comment email can then click the link in the email to login and reply. Or, they can simply reply to the email and their reply will be posted into the correct project’s discussion timeline. This makes it easy for people to send quick replies to comments without needing to login.

The comment timeline is ordered by date with the most recent comment at the top. Every comment shows the person who posted it, their profile picture, their name and company, along with a date and timestamp. If you have a manager or above role then you will also see the edit and delete buttons on posts which make it easy to edit and delete comments if a mistake is made.

Updated on June 1, 2020

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