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Set up custom branding

Custom branding can be done in 1 of 2 ways. Firstly you can set global account wide settings that define colours and images for all users within your account. Then each internal user has the option to override some of these settings for themselves. This means each person within your team can personalise their view of your Project.co account. External users will always see the images and colours you set in your account settings.

I’ll show you how to set your global account branding settings then move on to the per user branding settings afterwards.

You can access the branding page by hovering over your profile picture at the top right of any page. Click on “Account Settings” and then on the resulting page in the sidebar click on “Branding”.

On the branding page you have a range of options to control how your account looks and feels to all users.

At the top you have an option to enable or disable the account colours. By default these are disabled but if you enable this option you’ll see 4 colour pickers.

The highlight colour lets you specify the main accent colour around your account. This replaces the default teal green. This is used to colour active items in the sidebar and also shows as a coloured bar at the top of emails.

The background colour sets a solid colour to show as the background of your account. This replaces the default dark blue.

The button colour sets the colour of all buttons within your account. Some buttons will take this colour as their standard state whereas some buttons will show this colour when a button is hovered over.

Finally the link colour sets the colour for all text links within the system. Think about links in your notes, comments on the discussion page and in emails.

The rest of the branding page is focused around images. We let you upload logos and images to various parts of your account. We have different image uploaders so you can specify the right image for each location.

Firstly the background image is the most fun. This is the image that shows as the background of all pages of your account. You could upload a picture, a pattern or something else. For your account wide settings we’d recommend keeping this fairly simple.

The email logo is the logo that will show at the top of all emails that are sent from your account. This includes comment and notification emails.

The application logo will show at the top left of every page in your account, to the left side of the search bar.

The login page image is the image that will show above the login box on the login page of your account. It’s nice to use your logo here so the system feels like your own right from the login page.

The internal project image is the image that shows to the left hand side of all internal projects in your account. These are projects that haven’t had an external company allocated to them.

Finally, the application favicon is the image that shows in the browser tab next to the name of the page.

That’s it. When you save this page all the images and colours you’ve specified will be applied for everyone who accesses your account.

Internal people on your team can override some of these settings. To do this they can click on the “Change background colour / image” link at the bottom of most pages. Or they can hover over their profile picture at the top right and click on “Your Details”.

At the bottom of the resulting page they will see an option to enable or disable 4 colour pickers. This lets them override the colours the account uses for their user login only. 

They can then also upload their own background photo. This means each internal user on your team can customise the colours and background image for themselves. This is a great way to personalize their account to their taste.

Updated on June 1, 2020

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