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Scheduling is such an important part of project management.

In, our visual scheduler is designed to give a clear and easy view of your tasks on a daily basis.

When you open the Scheduler view, by default, you’ll get a 3 month view – the current month, and the next 2 months. You can scroll along this to get a view of your tasks. 

The arrow buttons let you move backward and forward, by default, in 3 month segments…

…but you can also change to just show the current week, or month, by hitting ‘Timeline Week’ or ‘Timeline Month’ in the top right of the Scheduler panel, as shown below…

As with all task views, the default is for the system to just show YOUR tasks.

But you can change to display ALL TASKS across all users instead. Just hit “All Tasks”’ in the secondary menu.

If you’re scrolling through tasks in the past, or future, and need to get back quickly to your current tasks, hit : “Today.”

On the Y axis, when you have “All Tasks” selected, you’ll see all users on your account – arranged in alphabetical order. 

On the X axis is the date. Scrolling from left to right gives you an immediate overview of what people are working on, and when.

Tasks can simply be dragged and dropped to another date, or another user – a great way to manage capacity within your team.

They can also be shortened and lengthened to allocate more, or fewer days, according to the needs of the task.

Clicking a task within the scheduler view will give you a popup with the options to either edit the task, or view the project.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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