Reporting basics’s Reporting tools offer a simple but effective way to measure time and satisfaction across your projects. 

To access Reports, select “Report” from the main menu.

You can opt to include or exclude projects from reporting. To do this, access your chosen project, and navigate to the “Time” tab. Select the “Edit Allocated Hours” button and, then, beneath the allocated hours, check or uncheck the “Include reporting for this project” box.

This means, where you have unusual projects that aren’t typical and would skew the results of your overall reporting, you have the ability to exclude them.

The Report page, by default, will show all your projects that have the “Include reporting for this project” box checked.

Reports include


You’ll see both the allocated and actual hours spent on a project. Based on these two values, will calculate an efficiency rating – a percentage value which measures how efficiently that project has been delivered.


You’ll also see satisfaction ratings for each project, based on the choices your clients have made.

This is all simple enough. But the real power behind the Reporting function is the ability to filter and group projects to identify patterns. Click the “Filter” button at the top right of the page and filter the reports to drill down into the data further.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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