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Time is recorded in two different ways – allocated time and actual time.

Allocated time

Allocated time is recorded within each individual project. 

To do this, select your chosen project from the project list.

Then, select ‘Time’ from the secondary menu on the left.

The “Edit Allocated Time” button will bring up a dialogue box where you’ll be able to enter time for each project stage. lets you enter your allocated time on a group by group basis. This means you can track the expected time each team will spend on a project.

There’s also a checkbox at the bottom of the screen so you can nominate whether you want this project to appear in your reports or not. This is so that, if you have a project that’s outside of the ordinary for whatever reason, and you don’t want to track time on that as part of your overall view of time in your business, you simply uncheck the box – and it won’t be included in your reports.

Hit ‘OK’ and you’re done. Your time is all allocated to the project. You can now see the allocated time in the table on the project time page.

If you ever want to edit the allocated time, simply click “Edit Allocated Time” and change the time you have allocated to each group.

Actual time

To record actual time spent on a project, visit the Time page from the main navigation menu…

From the Time List page, click “Record Time Entry” in the top right hand corner of the screen.

In the popover, you’ll be able to nominate a person; group; project; hours spent; and date. Hit “OK” and your time entry will be recorded at the top of the page.

All time entries added in this way for a project will be added up, and the total automatically displayed on the relevant project under ‘actual’ hours spent.

Using this information, you can compare the time you expected to spend, against the time you actually spent – across each group in your team.

This data also fuels the Reporting tools within

Updated on May 11, 2020

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