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Record & manage time

Managing time within Project.co starts within a project. You can access the time page by clicking on the “Time” link in the contextual sidebar.

This page shows a table with allocated time and actual time. The allocated time is the time you’ve allocated to this project  – your budgeted time, so to speak – and the actual time is the actual time that has been recorded as being spent on the project. Both are split by group.

To allocate time to a project click on the “Edit Allocated Time” button at the top of the main section. This will open a pop up. Here you can specify how many hours you want to allocate to each group for this project. The number of hours are counted as a decimal so if you want to add 1 and a half hours you’d add 1.5.

Once you’ve added the allocated time to the project click “OK” to save and close the pop up. You’ll now see that the time has been added to the allocated time row under each of the groups headings.

Whenever time is recorded on a project it will show on the actual row. So let’s do that now. To record time we can go to the master time page or we can click on “Create New” at the top right of any page and then “Time Entry”.

On the master time page you can see all time entries that have been recorded on all projects in your account.

You can see the person the time has been recorded against, their group, the project ID, the project name, the date the time was used and how many hours as a decimal. You also have the option to delete a time entry.

To create a new time entry click on “Create New Time Entry” at the top left of the main section. This will open a pop up. Choose the person you want to allocate time to and their group, then choose the project they worked on, how many hours they spent and the date they spent this time. When you’re done click “OK” to save and close the pop up.

You’ll now see a new time entry has been created. You can see all the information you just specified in the pop up. If we navigate back to that project and then go to the time page within the project we can see that the time entry has been recorded on the actual row under the group we specified.

Updated on June 1, 2020

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