Project details

The project details page shows you the core details of the project.

This page is useful as a first point of reference for anyone who is new to the project or wants to reference back as to what the project entails.

The main items on this page are:

Start date

This shows the date the project was started. This is for reference so you can see when a project was started. Changing this doesn’t control anything else about the project.


This shows the current status of the project.

If you click the status bubble you’ll see a pop up with a dropdown box inside. This lets you change the project status.

When a project status has changed it will show in all project views with this new status.

Note: External client users can see the project status but they can’t click to edit the project status. The project status can only be edited by internal users.

Business name

This item will only show if you have selected a client company to work with on this project. It then shows the name of the company you are working with. If this is an internal only project then the “Business name” item won’t show.

Project name

This shows the project name. Simples! 🙂

Project details

This is the description for the project. This is first entered when a project is created. It typically includes all the key information about the project including what’s required and all the information you, your team and your clients team will need for this project.

It’s good practice to make sure this page is up to date as it’s a great place to refer back to when anyone need to know what’s required on a project.

Attached files

This item lists any files that have been attached along with the creation of the project or afterwards.

It does not show any files that have been uploaded along with comments on the discussion page or to tasks.

Editing project details

To edit the details of a project click on the “Edit Project Details” button at the bottom left of this page. This will open up the edit project page. See more about that here.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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