The real power of lies in its ability to help teams – internal and external – collaborate and communicate together. 

Of course, the first step in this is to invite people to your projects!

You can invite people at any time from within the project. Click the ‘People’ tab from the project navigation menu.

On this page you’ll see your team on the left and if you’ve invited your clients team you’ll see them on the right.

Internal users

You can quickly add internal users who are already part of your account to a project by clicking “Add People” on the “Your Team” side. Select the person you want to add from the drop down menu, and hit “Ok.”

If you don’t see them, you can quickly set them up by clicking “Quick Create Internal User.” Choose a group for the user then enter their first name, last name and email then hit “Ok.” They’re up and running on your project.

External users

First you need to decide which external company you want to work with on this project. To do this click on the company drop down and choose a company.

If the company doesn’t exist in your account yet then you can click on “Quick create company” to add a new company to your account.

Then you’ll be able to add people from that company. To do this click on “Add People” and choose the person you want to add. You can repeat this to add all the relevant people to this project.

If the person doesn’t exist at that company yet you can click on “Quick create external user” to create a new person at that company. Once created they will be added to that company and the project.


You’ll see an email icon next to each person listed on your project.

If this is green then the person will receive email notifications for any comments posted on the discussion page of this project. if the icon is red then they won’t. To change the icon from green to red and back you simply need to click on it.

This is very useful for controlling who can access a project and who will receive notifications on a project. If someone wants to access the project but doesn’t want to get notifications then you can add them to a project but turn their notifications off by making sure their email icon is red.

Remove people from a project

You can remove people from a project at any time by clicking the X next to their name from the people page in a project. This will remove them from this project only and not from your account as a whole.

To remove a user from your account as a whole you’ll need to do this from the main People page.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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